What are the steps before your admission?

Bear in mind that if you are a non-EU passport holder, then you ought to apply for VISA Type D to study in Greece. As soon as you submit all the requested documents to the Embassy, the process of issuing the visa begins and takes up to 6 months. Have a look at the list below to have an idea which documents to gather and submit at your scheduled appointment with the appropriate embassy: 

(a) A certified copy of the Civil Aviation Authority decision approving the operation of the Aviation Academy

(b) A certificate from the Aviation Academy, showing the duration of the training, the starting date of each course and the overall amount of the tuition fees. 

(c) A certificate from the Aviation Academy verifying that the candidate student is qualified for admission. 

(d) A Curriculum vitae of the candidate student, as well as of the person assuming his / her study and subsistence costs in Greece, 

(e) Proof of financial means of the student or the person who is assuming the costs (job certificate, annual or six-month bank accounts, etc.). The origin of the funds should be presented. 

(f) Applicant’s passport and copies of the parents’ passport. Proof of the relationship should be submitted (ex. birth certificate mentioning the mother’s name or the father’s name, unless the parents’ names are mentioned in the passport or other document already submitted). 

(g) Medical examination certificate and criminal record

(h) Travel insurance covering repatriation for medical reasons, as well as emergency medical care, including hospitalization, up to at least 30.000 Euros. The validity of the insurance should cover the period of the visa requested, which cannot be less than 6 months. 

(i) A written and signed statement by the applicant that he does not hold any passport other than the one used for the application or, alternatively, a copy of any other passport the applicant holds. This statement can be submitted either separately or added at the end of the application form. 

(j) After completion of the security screening the Embassy will call the candidate to submit a certified copy of the proof of payment of 1/3 of the tuition fees (bank transfer receipt and receipt from the Academy). Applicants may also present this proof of payment when lodging the application if they so wish. 

(k) If the applicant is a government employee, a non-objection letter from his agency.

This is a physical examination that resembles to an annual check-up that you need to pass to make sure that you are in good health and in a position to get through your flight training and successfully operate your flights in the future.  Its duration is for 12 months, so it must be renewed every year.

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