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Our History

It is known that the quality of education is judged by the quality of teaching instructors as well as by the technical facilities available for training. Here, at Skies Aviation Academy both criteria are fulfilled.

Our core business has always been to deliver exceptional pilot training, displaying all EASA approvals for both in-house and distance learning (DL) courses.

Established in 2013, Skies Aviation Academy has offered comprehensive, universal training or custom-made, time and cost efficient courses, urging our students to perform their very best up to date.

Our location

Our location

Central facilities of our aviation academy, classrooms and Simulator are located in Peraia, a town close to Thessaloniki International Airport (Makedonia) and Thessaloniki, the second biggest city of Greece. Our modern facilities reflect a friendly environment where learning can be interesting, professional and fun at the same time. Our students have the opportunity to proceed with their training at our fully equipped classrooms, that include projectors for CBT training and a system that supports the ONLINE training, and relax during their breaks at the students rest area.

Flying part of all trainings is executed at Alexandroupolis airport (LGAL/AXD), a commercial airfield with a main runway of 2582m and a VOR/DME. Alexandroupolis presents excellent weather conditions throughout the year, motivating our students to fly as much as possible continuing with their aviation training smoothly.

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Our staff

We are a group of dedicated and highly qualified people with real passion for their job, providing a climate that facilitates the highest standards of academic achievement and knowledge discovery.

Our desire is to provide professional airline pilot training in a friendly environment. Our primary objective is to teach the science and practice of aviation, preparing students for productive aviation careers and leadership roles around the world.

Our ground instructors constitute a mix of experienced scientists with PHDs and active airline pilots with academic background and vast teaching experience.

Our flight team consists of ex-military fast jet pilots displaying thousands of flight hours.

Our staff