Celebrating our academy’s 10 years of operation and continuing the discounts period in Greece we currently offer:

One more scholarship of 70% that will be awarded to one of our potential students who set their heart on becoming professional pilots with our All-Inclusive EASA ATPL Integrated Course. First one was allocated on 12/06/2023. All you have to do is to undertake an online assessment which will only cost you €50, instead of €200 which was its original worth.*

It needs to be highlighted that this is an assessment and NOT a test, so no one can fail this assessment.

This scholarship will be also awarded to the candidate who will achieve OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE within October 2023.**

In case you don’t make it to the TOP, don’t worry!

• All participants of the online assessment will receive a discount of 5% on the total cost of our All-Inclusive EASA ATPL Integrated Course, as soon as they join our Academy.

* Online assessments will be prepared and sent out to all participants by an outsource company, called Symbiotics, https://www.symbioticsltd.com/.... Skies Aviation Academy is not involved in writing and final correction of the online assessments in any way. 

** Since there are also those of you who don't like to waste any time, you can always choose to enroll before October 2023. Should it turns out in June 2023 that you have earned the scholarship, but have already registered with the 5% off, a new contract with the reduced cost will be issued and signed and ultimately the previous will cease to apply.

Do contact us for more information. We will be happy to answer any of your questions!